JoereillyHere at we are proud to be making available all of Joe Reilly's lessons from his hit series "Sounds of the Jubilee" absolutely free. These lessons represent the essence of a course that he developed entitled "Logic and Psychology", incorporating concepts from psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, religion, history, and his own personal insights. Here is a brief overview of what you will learn: 

  • These lessons will take Jesus out of the confines of the 'religion' box so to see him in all parts of human life, history, society, science and creation.
  • Learn how the human mind, as a reflection of the Holy Trinity, spawned technology, civilization, governments, and how these are essential stepping stones as mankind is guided by Jesus toward the Kingdom of God.
  • Discover what sin is, how it affects the entire body of Christ, and how deviations from God's Natural Laws introduces chaos and disorder throughout our lives and in all of society.
  • See how the kingdom of darkness battles against the Creator through all facets of society, and if ever an Anti-Christ figure were to appear, he will come within a New World Order with one goal, to rule the world.

The focus of these lessons is to help the listener to develop a Catholic/Christian Paradigm that allows him or her to view the issues of the modern world through the eyes of Christthe Gospeland the Church.  It is hoped that after hearing them, the listener's commitment to all three will be based not only on faith, but also on reason.

God Bless.