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Lesson 39- The Institutionalization of Homosexuaity

         As I was ending my last program I was discussing the Churchs position on homosexuality, which, as I had mentioned, is a growing phenomena among our teenagers. Its not because they were born with these inclinations. Rather, it is a result of a growing social and peer pressure that is being shaped by the media and entertainment industries. The gay lifestyle is being portrayed as normal and even attractive on MTV, a major shaper of teenage values; on the major networks, which began with programs that presented gay characters as attractive and amusing and have moved to programs in which the gay lifestyle is seen as a little bit superior to a totally straight heterosexual lifestyle; to the college and universities who, with their liberal bias, believe that it is their intellectual duty to support civil rights in all its forms. In fact, now it has become wrong to oppose sodomy. Witness, for example, the decision by the United Way to refuse to fund the Boy Scouts because of their policy of rejecting openly gay Scouts and Scout Masters.

        Most fair-minded people should be opposed to the unfair persecution of any group or person and God knows that the previous mind-set was guilty of creating a living hell for gay people and thus it was right and inevitable that the gay community, with the support of those fair-minded people, should demand an end to gay bashing and other harmful and demeaning acts against them. Gay people, like the rest of us sinners, have a right to live, to be treat with respect, and to be allowed a certain degree of tolerance so long as they dont undermine or threaten the well being of another individual or society. However, there is a significant different between tolerance and approval and, it appears, that in correcting the extreme in one direction, we are now committing the extreme in the other direction. Truth and virtue, as I will demonstrate at some future point, is often the midpoint between two extremes. On the one hand, we have gay bashing, the use of demeaning terms like fag, queer, butch, and dike, and the denial of jobs and employments in fields where sexual behavior has no significance. On the other, we have the promotion of the gay lifestyle as normal and even desirable.

        But the issue goes deeper than this. What is really at stake is the basis for moral decision making. In other words, will the basis for our moral decisions be left lobe and objective or right lobe and subjective. Will it be based on facts or feelings? The whole issue is part and parcel of a Cultural War which is raging in certain key areas of society of which, most of the people in the general population are unaware or indifferent. And yet the outcome of this war which have grave implications for the future of Christianity in our culture.

        If you think that this is about tolerance, think again. The pendulum is swinging the other way and the same human mind-set that created intolerance against gays will establish intolerance against non-gays because that is the nature of the beast. Every creature, every theory, every group, every lifestyle is fighting for a bigger piece of the pie and, if given the chance, will extend its share at the expense of somebody elses share. We live in a world, like it or not, based on competition in which those who dont defend their identity will lose it, while those who promote their identity will expand it. And once any group, idea, or lifestyle gains enough momentum it will seek to exert both legal and social pressure to establish and expand itself within the cultures world view.

        Let me give you some examples.

        I have already mentioned that the Boy Scouts are under attack because of their anti-sodomy policy and everyday we hear of increasing attempts to expand and legitimatize the gay lifestyle either through official recognition and support by private organizations or by laws passed by local and state governments. However, many of our children are being exposed to and pressured by proponents of the gay lifestyle in our colleges and universities. Their attitude is not Well, Im gay and youre straight and that alright. The world is big enough for both of us. Rather it is How do know that youre not gay if you never tried it. And, of course, if the criteria for judging is whether it provides pleasure or not, it is obvious that both heterosexual and homosexual sex meet that criteria.

        According to some of my ex-students who attend a local womens college, there is such a predominance of gay women that the atmosphere not only tolerates a gay lifestyle but actually promotes it. According to these students, straight girls have to avert their eyes because of the sexual play taking place between gay couples in the TV lounge. There is a club for lesbians, another for bi-sexuals, whos motto is Dont be shy, be Bi-, and a growing number of students who have abandoned their Christian roots to become witches and members of the Wicca religion.

        In one edition of the campus newspaper, which a student gave to me, nearly the whole edition was devoted to an argument going on between the lesbians and bi-sexuals over a conference sponsored by the lesbians to which the bi-sexuals were invited. The bi-sexual were outraged because the lesbian speakers were raging against any female who would have sexual contact with a male. The bi-sexuals wanted to know how the lesbians could demand tolerance for their own lifestyle and practice intolerance themselves.

        The answer is quite simple. All minorities want tolerance, so long as they are minorities, but give them a setting in which they sense that they have a significant or predominant position and they will start to exert the same pressure on those around them to conform that previous majorities exerted on them. For you see, minorities share the same human nature with those who are in the majority. Thus, according to my ex-students, there has developed on this campus what the students refer to as the four year lesbian who is a straight girl who succumbs to the social pressure around her and develops a gay lifestyle while attending college only to revert to a heterosexual life style upon graduation.

        No one wants to be the abnormal, and if given the chance, will seek to set the norm. So the issue is not whether there will be norms or not. The issue is what norm will it be.

        If you think that gay people are interested only in interacting with other gay people then you have never been a young sailor, as I was, hitchhiking home on a weekend pass. If no one else picked you up, you could always count on a man whose conversation always turned to sexual topics and who eventually made a homosexual pass. Homosexual men, like heterosexual men, are often on the prowl for sexual contacts and, like heterosexual men, they fantasize about sexual partners who are young, healthy, and attractive.

        A well-known movie star, according to his live-in boyfriend, used to throw parties for young men who had to be heterosexuals because it gave him an extra kick to believe that his own physical attractiveness had overcome their resistance to a homosexual act. This, I think, is the same dynamics that heterosexual males experience when they are faced with a female who is a virgin or who initially resists them. In the street the term used is getting over which suggests that the other person has put up a barrier which is a challenge to the aggressor. There is something in our sexual nature that enjoys the tension that exists between the willing and the unwilling, the available and the unavailable. Witness the popularity of movies, such as the one involving Robert Mitchum as a Marine stranded on a Japanese occupied island with Deborah Kerr, a nun. Will they? Or wont they? Will he or wont he? Will she or wont she? is the dramatic tension upon which the whole movies is built. In the end they didnt but throughout the movie there were a number of times that you thought they would. If she had been a prostitute, there would have been no dramatic tension at all.

        My point is that sex is sex and whether it is heterosexual or homosexual the underlying motivations are very similar. Gay women and men are competitors with heterosexual women and men and it is to their advantage to increase the number of possible sex partners and that is why the lesbians at this college conference were denouncing any female who had sexual contact with a male. That is also why the message Well how do you know if you never tried? is preferable to Well, Im gay and youre straight and the world is big enough for both of us.